Early Childhood Program

Preschool 4 Student

Preschool 3 & 4

Carlisle School Preschool is a transformative learning journey of discovery every day for every child. We are a family-oriented center that focuses on the whole child’s physical, social, and academic needs. Children will gain independence in a safe environment that is nurturing, enriching, and diverse.  Our faculty will engage the students in child-centered learning experiences that foster collaboration with their peers while immersed in discovery-based activities.  

These learning experiences are matched with the academic abilities of each child. Our highly skilled teachers develop individual plans for their students that spark curiosity and encourage academic growth.

Pre-KOur balanced curriculum promotes kindergarten readiness through language, literacy, mathematics, social studies, science, world languages, art, music, creative movement, dramatic play, and technology. Programming is enhanced by project-based learning, an outside discovery center, and Tucker Signing Strategies for Reading.

When children transition to Lower School, they are self-confident, prepared for success, and enthusiastic about learning.  These vital factors allow our children to become leaders in their school, community, and world.

  • Provides child-centered learning that encourages collaboration while immersed in play-based activities
  • Stresses holistic development in a nurturing, safe, and diverse environment
  • Fosters compassion, curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking through a multi-sensory approach
  • Provides a balanced curriculum that includes discovery-based learning and exploration to promote kindergarten readiness
  • Develops strong partnerships between students, teachers, and parents
  • Encourages physical, mental, and social development in a combination of indoor and outdoor exploration.
  • Flexible scheduling to meet the developmental needs of every child
  • Fosters self-confidence and  enthusiasm for learning
  • World Languages -We understand the importance of offering world languages for children at an early age.  In the preschool, instruction follows a modified immersion model with a concentration on culture and conversation.
  • Physical Education - Students in preschool participate in a 30-minute physical education class each day.
  • Technology - The school incorporates a best practice approach by integrating technology at all levels. iPads and Promethean Boards are used to enrich the curriculum.  Students participate in the Keyboarding with Tears program.
  • Guidance - A full-time guidance counselor and nurse support health, wellness, and character development.
  • Arts - The arts serve a unique purpose in the educational development of each student. Classes strive to encourage and nurture each child’s natural creativity and curiosity. Weekly music and creative movement classes focus on musical awareness, sensitivity, vocal development, and fine motor skill. All students perform on stage several times a year.
  • Story Time - Preschool students go to the library weekly for storytime.  They are exposed to various literary traditions to expand their vocabulary, strengthen listening skills, and enrich their imagination.
  • Field Trips - Students have several opportunities for offsite experiential learning with field trips.
  • Dance Class - Preschool 4 students are welcome to participate in after-school dance classes for a moderate fee.
  • The Department of Virginia Education licenses our Early Childhood Program, and the Southern Association of Independent Schools accredits us.
  • Children must be age three by the start of school and fully potty trained.
  • Children turning 3 after the start of school are eligible to join the program at that time.
  • Children turning 4 by September 30 are eligible to join our Preschool 4 program.
  • Each classroom has one lead teacher and one associate teacher.  A world language instructor will assist the classroom teachers during instruction.